Festivals of Philippines

Festivals of Philippines

Most celebrations in Philippines are religious in root, however these days the religious segment is typically auxiliary to the general soul of festivity.

Philippines has many celebrations and most towns have their own notwithstanding the national ones. Filipino friendliness is amazing and at no time is it more in confirm than at celebration time.

Here’s a rundown of the ones you should keep a post for when arranging your excursion in Philippines, we will endeavor to cover every celebration all the more widely in singular articles. The Read more connection will guide you there.

The Philippine archipelago is, hands down, a beautiful hodgepodge of spirited and colorful festivals. With our fun-loving spirit, artistry, creativity and passion for music, the Philippines has even birthed some of the world’s grandest and most vibrant festivals. Full of life, parades, radiant smiles, elaborate costumes and processions, the festivals in the Philippines are dazzling celebrations that highlight the history, traditions and spiritual side of the Filipinos.
Here’s a Skyscanner list of the must-see festivals in the Philippines in 2018 as well as the places where you can join in the party!
1. Ati-Atihan Festival – Kalibo
They don’t call the Ati-atihan Festival as the granddaddy of all Philippine festivals for nothing. Often described as the best and biggest Mardi Gras in the Philippines, it is, after all, the festival that started the whole trend. Praised for its frenzied street parade and catchy tribal beats, Ati-atihan is a week-long event raging from sunrise to sundown, and peaking on the 3rd Sunday of January. Plus, it’s a wondrous blend of indigenous drama, tourist attraction, social activity and Catholic rituals.

The colorful Ati-Atihan Festival

Photo credit: Flickr/Ati-Atihan /RDexter/CC-BY

2. Sinulog – Cebu City
When it comes to festivals in the Philippines, very few can rival Cebu City’s international renowned gala – the Sinulog Festival. Hailed as the biggest and most spectacular festival in the Philippines, Sinulog beckons millions of visitors from across the world, with its kaleidoscopic parade, religious ceremonies and grand presentations. As an added bonus, this week-long celebration offers a lineup of events and concerts to add an extra dose of excitement and fun to the festival.

A beautiful image of the Sinulog dancers

Photo credit: Flickr/Sinulog/Pradeep Swaminathan/CC-BY

3. Panagbenga Festival – Baguio
Panangbenga, or also referred as the “Season of Blooming” is a visually captivating festival, featuring humungous floats adored beautifully with flowers parading along the entire stretch of Session Road. Celebrated as a tribute of Baguio’s blooming flower industry, the festival was first held in the aftermath of the devastating Luzon 1990 earthquake, to help uplift the spirits of the people who were affected by the tremors.

Panagbenga Festival

Photo credit: Flickr/ Panagbenga Festival/Miguel Isidro Photography/CC-BY

4. Bamboo Organ Festival – Las Piñas
Bamboo Organ Festival may not be as clamorous and flashy as most big-time traditional Philippine fiestas, but it is absolutely a unique festival that every Pinoy music lover must experience in 2018. While it won’t feature notable pop acts like the Pinoy rock icon Bamboo Mañalac or local Youtube sensations, the festival will still give you a sweet eargasmic experience through a scintillating musical show steered by talented organists who’ll play the world’s first and only bamboo organ.


Photo credit: chamiaei

5. Moriones Festival – Marinduque
Marinduque’s week-long Lenten Season celebration is what makes this island province one of the top destinations in the Philippines during Holy Week. Combining Catholic pageantry with folk mysticism, this fabulous festival pays tribute to St. Longinus – the centurion who pierced who Jesus Christ with a lance in his side. During the festival, the centurion’s story will be reenacted in a beautiful and theatrical play that’s staged by the locals. Also, there will be a lot of festival revelers who’ll wear intricate masks during the festival, roaming the streets and jostling people for some good spirited fun.


Photo credit: itsjoshke

6. Aliwan Festival – Pasay City
The Aliwan Festival, although it’s relatively new, is by far one of the most popular festivals in the country. As a matter of fact, it’s so popular that it is often lauded as the “Mother of all Festivals” in the country. Started in 2003, this colorful festival has flourished into a household name, and has become a must-attend fiesta for culture vultures. Known more as a competition than a festival, Aliwan Festival aims to promote the country’s different cultures not just to its own people, but to the rest of the world as well.


Photo credit: myacct2u

7. Pahiyas Festival – Lucban
Celebrated every 15th of May in Lucban, the Pahiyas Festivals is an extravagant thanksgiving ritual for the bountiful harvest to San Isidro Labrador, a Spanish farm worker and a patron saint of laborers, peasants and farmers. One of the most colorful and elaborate festivals in the Philippines, Pahiyas is famous for its grand display of vegetables, fruits, colorful kiping (rice wafers), and handicrafts that adorn the houses participating in this festival.


Photo credit: nesskie2016

8. Kadayawan Festival – Davao
Kadayawan – arguably the biggest and grandest festival in Mindanao – has all the hallmarks of a great and vivid traditional Filipino festival. Not only does it feature a street dancing parade, but it also has beauty pageants, captivating fireworks displays and eye-catching floral floats. Showcasing fruits, flowers and other produces that abound in the archipelago’s second largest island, Kadayawan Festival is a celebration of the abundance of Davao and the rest of Mindanao.


Photo credit: joph2o

9. MassKara Festival – Bacolod
Masskara Festival is, in essence, a giant masquerade party with Latin-inspired drumbeats, and intricate garbs. Deemed as one of the most well-known festivals in the Philippines, this festival is also highlighted by a number of activities, including sports events, concerts and a beauty pageant. Of course, participating in this event is also an opportunity for you to sample the most luscious delicacies that the city has to offe


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